How to Write Good and Right Book that Easy to Accepted by Publishers and Readers

Speaking of the script then all is not a problem apart from the contents of the text. Sometimes the author’s name determines its quality, but also publishers sometimes only see the contents, whether it is worth selling or not. If you write very well and with a style that is comfortable and easy to understand, especially if there are many references and expert opinion on it then it is not possible script that you send will be easily accepted by the Continue reading “How to Write Good and Right Book that Easy to Accepted by Publishers and Readers”

Is you school, boy?

“My children were always my dear, you proud to see you lined up neatly on Monday. Pakainmu also neat. Sure makes the happy father prayed for the future so that you can achieve your ambition “, dekimian builder opening ceremony on Monday, the final week of November 2012.

“My children, another week UAS semester will be held. Mr. pray that your adviser, so it can be a lot of prayer and smooth learning. ” Seacara sepontan the students replied, “Aamiin …”.

“Son, to the Father, and the whole teacher granted his prayer to God, of course, you need to be close to God and a lot of effort. Continue reading “Is you school, boy?”

Madrasah Present

Madrasah is expected to stand equally with the same low-seat schools under the Education Department. However, to date, from the academic side there are still gaps. The gap in the quality of its graduates. Although not exactly a hundred percent different, however. General case. At least, from the UN is still very distant. Continue reading “Madrasah Present”

Tips Faster Reading and Understanding

You may often have this happen. You read, but hardly adds anything to the understanding of the structure. Or, if you understand a little reading material, you’re pretty sure the information is not going to last long in the structure of knowledge in your head. Continue reading “Tips Faster Reading and Understanding”

5 Ways to Grow Interests Joy of Reading

If the matter of How to Grow Interests Joy of Reading, I remembered the words Hernowo author of Best Seller “Suppose Books That Piece of Pizza”, imagine an entire book that is around us, like most foods we like, he said . Well if the book is like food for sure we will not hesitate to devour books. It is undeniable is that often whether someone reading can be seen from the level of knowledge of one’s own. Continue reading “5 Ways to Grow Interests Joy of Reading”